Should I include this in my portfolio?

I am ID student, preparing a portfolio for internship preparation.

My teacher told me that it’s good to include things other than your major if you are good at it. I designed this website( graphics and layout and interface).

Oh well, it’s my dad’s, but I like it a lot. However I need your opinion on whether this is indeed worth a space on my portfolio.

And if it is, how should present it on paper?

I personally feel you should include it. It shows you have skills that can be used by a company. A well designed website says you know something about interface. You may need that skill if you are designing a product with an lcd screen etc.

As far as presentation:
Don’t show every page. This is a mistake many students do. Show 1 or 2. I usually take a screen shot so I can show them inside of the browser. It gives it credibility just like putting a product logo on something you designed at school.

You should show it.

Before you show it, I would change the phrase “Cathay Coating Makes Your Professional” into correct grammar.