To include in admissions portfolio or not to include

Im a high school junior and am set on majoring in Industrial design. Every school im looking at (theres quite a few) requires a portfolio, which is to be expected. Anyways my point is it I have alot of art but picking is hard because what you like might not be good and what you hate might actualy help you out. So I decided to post this topic about portfolios in the students and schools section so high school students like myself can post things they’ve been working on and get feedback. Having said all that I want to get every ones opinion on a rendering i did of a phone I designed. It was all done in photo shop. Is this some of the things i should put in my portfolio ( in addition to drawing and things of that nature). Also check out my web site just for kicks, would you wanna incude web desing in a portfolio? anyways heres the phone.

I would think that this would be a good piece to have in your portfolio. However, it is hard to gauge that against any other work you might have done. I would suggest putting up your full portfolio on Coroflot. That way we can give you a more detailed review of your work and provide better guidance.

thanks that is defiantly something I will be doing once I get everything together, photographed and such

Invest in a scanner. They’re cheap anymore. You will get infinitely better quality and can tweak and re-arrange digitally.

Unless of course you are photographing prototypes and models you have built…then a scanner might not work so well :wink:

bought a $99 cano-scan years ago, still kicking and faster than my work scanner.

I think it is good to show off all your skills in the college portfolio. Get them what they want, but show who you are as well. Stuff like this will set you apart. It is not fully “designed” yet, but it shows that your skills are advanced.