Please Tell Me What You Think


I graduated a year ago from art school with a degree closely related to ID without necessarily teaching me all of the skills I would need to fill an internship role. I have worked hard this past year to hone the skills I see myself lacking and have come up with this portfolio that is posted below. Please tell me what you think and don’t hold back so long as it is constructive criticism. Are there necessary skills that I am not showcasing? What could use improvement? Are my layouts fluid and enjoyable? Would you consider me ready for an internship or entry level ID position?

Thank you to everyone who weighs in and I look forward to getting involved on these forums in the future.


Hi Peter,

Have a look at this:

The layout could definately do with improvement. There is no consistency between your pages, and the text boxes are all floaty and misaligned. Some of the headings have strangely massive spacing between words and I picked up a couple of typos.

I’d beef up the kitchenware project if you want to include it in your folio. The work feels empty to me as you haven’t shown any design methodology. Did you really design kitchenware by making a couple of rough models and then pumping out a quick render? What else was involved to go from start to finish? You said that it is durable and efficient, why is it durable and efficient?

Peter, your portfolio is very basic. If you have an art background, I would like to see that reflected in your ID work as well. Your kitchen tool assignment is most showcase-worthy as an ID project but lacks many of the aspects related to ID so study design processes more and relate to your work as a story. ID is mostly about bringing good ideas to reality; if you can show something more innovative in your portfolio that can add a lot of power. Also, good design projects need good design briefs; look for joining a high-profile design competition to strengthen your skills and portfolio.

Thanks a lot you two. I definitely have a lot to learn so I appreciate the feedback.