Senior Year Portfolio

Hey all,

I’m graduating this May from Purdue University in Industrial Design. I’d really appreciate feedback on my portfolio, positive and negative.

It’s posted on ISSUU here:

Thank you!

You have some nice work in there. From what I saw, your IV pole project is the strongest, and it seems as if the projects get progressively weaker as you go through the portfolio. I would put the sketch page for your milk jug a bit earlier, perhaps before the prototype page. The PS rendering on pg. 28 isn’t very well done, I think thats hurting you. The shoe work from your internship looks good, why don’t you feature that more? If I were reordering your projects, I’d probably do it this way:

Fresh milk jug
IV Pole

Good luck!

I’m really impressed with the thought that went behind the IV pole. Is this the typical size of a senior portfolio?

lac29… Do you think it should be larger or smaller?

kwilson… I think you’re right, the rendering on pg. 28 could use improvement… it was more of an example of a quick rendering churned out during ideation. It’s probably too emphasized on the page.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Well you should take what I say with a grain of salt since I’m not a design student or anything. My initial impression was that it was kind of short. But then again I assume you don’t want a portfolio that’s too long because the reader simply won’t look through everything or be bored midway through.

I’m also wondering about the ordering … I personally would put the stronger ones at least towards the beginning (maybe not the first) because again, you want to make sure the reader at least reads the good/beginning ones (even if they don’t get to the very end of the portfolio).

Hi, I like the milk container idea, as well as the IV product. One thing that I didn’t quite like as much was the pastel colored backgrounds and pages. I would suggest looking at a product illustration or something with good graphics that you like and then trying to emulate it. The pastel gradient isn’t working for you. Other than that, I think you have a good chance. Just jazz up the graphics a bit and then give it a shot.

Thank you all for the feedback! This is helpful.