Feng's sketching DVD

I’m thinking of buying Feng’s quick sketching DVD from the Gnomon Workshop.

Does anybody have this DVD, and if so what do you like or not like about it??
Did you find it helpful? Why or why not?


his dvd on creature sketching i believe its called is pretty neato. his tequnique in it was taking small thumbnail designs, blowin em up to fill up the page n usin em as underlays. just cool to watch him render, but personally i wouldnt spend the money on the dvds, cuz once u see em once i dont really feel the need to see em again. scott robertsons dvds are also good check em out. shows his “drafting” like style of drawing his aircraft n cars. and i have never seen any of the other fang dvds though i bet they rock.

personally as far as styles i like fengs because it is much more loose and faster. scotts is fun and well suited for his designs, and pretty easy to pick up if u just start goofin around. i believe in fengs vehicle dvd he uses grays first, then a felt tip pen…thats what it looked like atleast. so whatever ur style i’d say choose only 1 or 2 and choose wisely…

I have seen the “Creature Thumbnailing” one as well. I have to say, its a really fun show & tell, but I doubt it has much educational value. Its more of a l"holy sh*t, I wish I could sketch like that!" experience. Perhaps my skills are no sophisticated enough to be an accurate judge though…