Little collectible toys and dolls (Kidrobot, Dunny, Bearbrick, etc.) are very popular now, but are still made in limited quantities to increase desireability and collecting. How and where are such things molded, and what kind of capital $$$ is needed to get started with a “limited production” run? What are the price variables - number of parts, complexity, painting or other finishes? Is everything painted by hand? >baffled<

(Note: I’ve been in the ID industry for a while, but have little-to-zero knowledge of the toy industry, or it’s methods.)

I would appreciate any help or advice you could provide.


It is really not that hard all you need is a good design and soem basic knowledge about manufacturing methods and decoration
prices vary depending on design and materials

generally for a 6" figure with limited complexity it si about 15000 for 1000 pcs
not including shipping

we do this type of projects all the time for Advertising industry as well as specific artists


Nearly all of the figures on the Kid Robot site are rotationally-molded (roto-molded) vinyl. To my knowledge, that’s the least expensive way to do tooling for short runs. And, you can mold pretty much any form you want - undercuts and all. The results are beautiful.

Some of the figures may include injection-molded parts, usually out of vinyl as well. Vinyl takes pad-prints and spray ops really well and the colors are always nice and vibrant.