DIY toys - Sketchbot

I’ve been constantly checking out Steve Talkowskis Sketchbot site and recently he has been posting about going through the process of producing his own sketchbot toy. Anyone with an interest in developing their toy on the independent level should take a look.

Thanks for the post. I had never heard of Sketchbot, but now have bookmarked it. I love the shots of the figure in the Objet.

I use a model shop that has one of those all of the time. I never thought of doing a figure on it, but it would be cool.

Thanks for taking interest LabRats! If it hadn’t been for a Google Alert, I would never have learned about this cool site.

I’m hoping to receive the final 3d printed pieces tomorrow (Wed) and will be posting a slew of pictures up on Flickr and the blog, so be sure to check back later in the week.


Awesome looking forward to it?

Any idea on what your going to use to mold and cast the pieces? Oomoo 30? Aluminite?

Thanks! I’m going to generate the molds with OOMOO 25 and cast with Smooth Cast 300.

Can’t wait to see the pics and more progress!

You’re in luck - the pieces arrived this afternoon!

AMAZING…very smooth.
i like the shape.
any information about the size & price ?


awesome stuff, btw, thats RPT’d right? Will it be hand painted?

ooops…checked your blog… sweet process this RPT!

'll be awesome if you could post the evolution of SB here!

Wow - the details on that guy came out beautifully. Was there a lot of clean up for the parts, or did they come out pretty smooth?

Hey guys,

Lot’s of development since last posting earlier this year. Here’s the latest update, just before getting ready to head to San Diego for Comic Con:

Regarding clean up - the pieces are pretty smooth, but still have some residual gunk left over that minor wet-sanding takes care of nicely.


Ok, wow. Haven’t been here in a while but this update from Sketchbot reminded me of this post i started.

Thanks for the shout out LabRats!

Steve, you have an amazing lineup of artists there!