Considering toy production

Hi folks, I’m a 3d modeler, I always thought the costs of producing toys would be too high for me to get involved in. I’ve now seen people using 3d prototyping services and taking moulds from these to produce small runs themselves, does anyone have any advice in this area? How viable a method do you think this would be?

Here are a few of my character designs, they weren’t designed for production in mind so may need some alterations, do you feel these would have market appeal? Any thoughts suggestions or feedback would be very welcome.

ps do img tags work on this forum?

hey I really like that chicken and the robot with the red belly.

Love the robots! You should try to make these yourself!!

I think there is a market for the robots!


BEAUTIFUL renderings and character designs. Unfortunately, I can’t led any advice on making your own product run, but be sure to post some images if you start to get anything going. We’d love to see how everything progresses.

Well thanks all for the positive comments, It seems the robots are the way to go, I’ll be sure to update you with developments.

you should just print one or two of these

or similar output service
shoulr only cost you a few hundred dollars and will be a great promo piece for you

gettign multiples made is easy but it is a HUGE pain in the Ass anc very expensive

Where are you located shuggie?

Sorry for the slow reply folks. 3darttopart was the service I’d been considering, although I know that the surface quality can be pretty rough.

I’ve been thinking it over and perhaps the chick could be the better bet for my first shot, with less fine detail and its already a watertight 3d model. I’m located in Nottingham England.

Thanks again for your imput guys.

Hi all,

Well as I said in an another post, we are young toy (and design/architecture) prototypists and we are ready to help you to prototype your first toys. I think the “springchick” & the “cartoonshap” are quite easy to produce.

See you !

Philippe (sorry it’s in french)

you could choose rubber mold to do small run ,the cost will be low ,after testing or you sure your marketing order will be big ,you could choose mold tooling. if below 10K,I suggest use rubber mold to do it.

If possible ,you couls visit: ,this factory could do the toy prototype and mold tooling.