Illustrator .dxf/.dwg into SolidWorks sketch...

I can’t seem to get 100% of my vector art from an Illustrator exported .dxf/.dwg into a SolidWorks sketch. SolidWorks apparently has a problem with some bezier curves generated from type objects (which have been converted to outlines).

Anyone else see the same issue?
Anyone have a solution?


Yup- I believe that this is because SW2004 does not have weight controls for the different splines. Try saving the dwg or dxf to the lowest rev possible. Try taking it through Rhino. I know that SWX 2005 will have some of these issues sorted out

Thanks for the tip; I’ve been buggin our SW reseller on this issue for a while.

My work around was to open Illo v.8 in StudioTools, then export .dxf/.dwg
Be nice when/if SW resolves this.

download free Rhino demo. works like a charm.

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