Exporting DWG/DXF from Solidworks05 for use in IllustratorCS

Does anyone have a problem opening DWG or DXF files exported from Solidworks 04 or 05 in Illustrator CS. I’m finding that the scale of my drawings is reduced drastically and I have to manually rescale them by a really odd number.

I have the export set to 1:1

Any suggestions?

illustrator is a vector app so just go to select menu>all and then right clk>transform >scale, enlarge it - shouldn’t be a problem. dxf works better.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m just frustrated because my exports from Pro-E come in at 1:1. It’s irritating that Illustrator specifically asks upon opening a dxf or a dwg if you want to import it 1:1 and then scales it down by some bizzare factor anyway.

I had the exact same problem. I got all sorts of weird line weight and stuff too so it would have taken forever to change manually. this is what I did and it worked pretty well. instead of saving my file as a DXF, in the print menu I set my printer to PDF. That way Acrobat just created a PDF of what it was going to print. I opened the PDF in illustrator and thats that. Hope this helps.

whenever i open a .dxf it asks me it i want to fit to page or not…as long as you unchceck that box it should come in at proper scale

Thanks for the responses. I’ve realized that the dimensions of my drawings are being converted into mm and that my art is actually scaled down. Scaling it up by 25.4… brings it back to full size.

Using Solidworks 2004/5 I find that even if “original size” is selected the drawings are scaled down by .03937 which is the inch equivalent of 1mm.
Annoying but managable.