How do I get from design to protoyping?

I am a VERY beginning independent designer with a simple decorative houseware product. I have a technical sketch and specific ideas about materials. The problem is, I don’t know how to get prototyping done.

It’s a rubber product and all the custom rubber molding places do tiny tool parts and act like I am crazy when I ask if they can help with a prototype my object.

I either end up finding resources for things that are too highly engineered, like medical equipment or non-aesthetic rubber objects like rubber gaskets.

Any ideas to help get me to the next stage?

Thanks so much.


go speak to a model shop who will be able to do you a vac casting in a rubber material you want…or you can actualy rapid prototype in a rubber material on the Objet machines.

If you haven’t found a prototyper yet: I highly recommend these guys.

They do amazing work! Plus, they’re really easy to work with… I know theyhave experience doing a variety of rubber parts…

good luck.

Let us know how it works out.