idea to production??

Ive got a few ideas for chairs that i would like to get into production. Anyone know what steps to take?

mock it up. make prototypes, even out of cardboard.

you should have at least a few ideas, no?

Ask a designer*, oh, yeah, you are…

Next would, be hire a designer*.

Or, go to school and become a designer*.

Marketing ‘designs’ is another story.

  • you may be in the wrong place, nobody around here seems to know what a ‘designer’ is.

What i’ve got so far is the CAD model of the idea and presentation boards. Tech drawings, material specs…etc…

But how do i get the concept marketed/funded/produced??

What are the next steps??


Just do it!


post the same question on

you’ll find more help there.

you seem naive, the entrepeneurial skills needed will not come from a forum. I suggest you begin with Intellectual Property protections: patents, copyrites etc…then prototype the designs, and finally locate a agent/rep to find channels

There is a book called “How to Break Into Product Design”. Go buy it and read it. I hesitate to even tell you that, because it sounds like you just want someone to write you a big check and tell you you’re brilliant. Doesn’t work that way. You’re going to have to do a lot of work and invest time and money (your own).

Hay Ive never done anything like this before, but im willing to put forward some ideas.

What kind of chair is it? Is it intended for mass production? or are these like craft concepts- maybe somthing where you could spread the component manufacturer around your local area?

For mass production you are gona have to spend a lot of time on prototyping- maybe best to buddy up with a manufacturer who is enthusiastic about your ideas. So in this case get a presentable protoype ready to show these guys- a cardboard mock up wont get their attention.

This maybe the interesting part- finding the right manufacturer/ can you afford to fund production?
If not youll have to negotiate with the manufacturer (who loves your idea, and wants to work with you) you could expect to get anywhere from 2-4% of the profit from the sales (which may be a long time coming)
When negotiating, be careful as they may try and sell you on, e.g- 15% of production cost- with this they have the ability to really distort the figures- transport costs/ inflated material costs etc.
So obviously find people you like and trust- and be good to them.

This is all a real mission- so what I would do is have some concepts good to go that can be manufactured in low volume in your area- make 10, sell em to the local market (expect sale on return terms) get to know all the local retailers, make another batch of 15/25/40 etc- and then use the money to get some other goods on the go, marketed at the same people.

Present yourself confidently, you gota look good, talk good, walk good and expect a lot of crit.

Enjoy yourself