Need prototyping help

Hi all, I’m hitting a brick wall and could really use some help. I’m working on a project that requires a large piece of semi flexible material ( ~Shore60 TPE Molded ( my best guess)) Its a piece that fits over the vents on heaters found in motels. This piece needs to be flexible enough to conform to the varying motel profiles that are in use. Its too large for SLS prints, too soft for machining, any other thoughts? Any feedback is valuable.

Thanks in advance!

Apologies for the image not fitting nicely.

Call around to prototype shops in your area and ask if they run an Objet Connex Machine. It has a 19.7 × 15.7 × 7.9 in. build volume and capable of printing a rubber like material in 60 shore.

Your other option would be to machine/model a hard part and then make a mold and Urethane Cast the rubber component.

I second the approach of casting in urethane.

Machine ABS and get the final finish you are looking for on the surface, then cast a silicone mold, then pour the urethane. You will be able to get a short “production” run of prototype parts and test different durometers.

Most prototyping houses offer this service.

Hey all thanks so much for the feedback, casting i think will be the best option for this.


You could look into thermoforming as well.