Flash portfoio?

Two questions dealing with a flash based portfolio, mainly for websites. Are there any sites of programs that you can insert images and they create the slideshow and effects and whatnot for you,without actually learning Flash? I’m wondering because I want to put some work on my site and I like flash, although I could just upload images. I also plan on creating a cd to send to employers with cv and I want the cd to autorun and popup with a menu where one could select to look at my resume, work, bio, whatever… is there a resource that someone knows of that might aid me? I’m thining I’m going to have to learn flash for the cd but as far as websites, what is available?

I suggest you learn Flash or hire a programmer/designer.

Seems like you’re asking for short cut ways to bake a wedding cake without wanting to learn how to bake or have the desire to pay for it.

a friend of mine [url]http://www.20millimetre.com[url/] has a flash slide show running on his site from http://www.soundslides.com/

you could incorporate this into an existing or new website design

This is pretty simple… you can load stuff from Picasa or other image management softwares. Simple to navigate and clean looking, too.


Thats a nice find! Simple, clean, and free. Any one of us could use that in a tight jam. Thanks for posting the link.

here’s one more simple flash slideshow makers. i havent used them myself but seen them on some sites and look pretty clean and easy to use.


for something like this no need to learn flash/programming. why reinvent the wheel? Lots of great tools out there, and a simple app like these is much better in my opinion than some amateur half-baked home-brew.


You probably didn’t understand what I was asking for.

Those other links that you guys posted are perfect, exactly what I am looking for.Just something simple and easy to use to load pictures in a flash format.
There’s quite a bit of programs I found on download.com that do the same thing, but with more features, like menus and such, which would be nice if you want to post a resume and some other info in the same file, and they are made for people who don’t know flash. I’m guessing it’s sorta like Powerpoint but flash instead. Drag and drop type of deal…

so what were the other programs that you found at download.com?

I use Slideshow Pro for my website. You need to own Flash but you don’t have to know Flash very well to use it.

See my website: http://www.douglasdolde.com