Portfolio Website: What type?

In your opinion, what is the best way to display your work online?

I have been going back and forth between using a flash website creator program and wordpress to create a site for my work. Each one has it’s positives and negatives and I am having a really hard time deciding which one to really dedicate my time to.

The flash program is pretty nice, it allows you to create your own template from scratch and gives you the most control of the final aesthetic and navigation of the website. I know some people are turned off by flash websites, but I too hate a lot of animations within a website. I just want to create a nice, clean, easy-to-follow website that displays my work in a clear format without a lot of load-time for unnecessary flash animations, which I can do with this program. But some animation will have to take place when viewing individual projects (a photo gallery being blown up to navigate through).

Wordpress(.com) is nice, but from what I can tell, you don’t really have too much control over the “theme” or aesthetic of your blog. You basically pick a layout and you have little control over customizing it. I almost feel like I am cheating by using a theme that was designed by someone else. What I like best about wordpress is that you can analyze design and other topics through the blogging component of it. This is great, because I feel that it is a good way for others to understand you better as a designer. But, I feel that a blog format is not the best way to organize or display your work.

With a website I want to showcase my work, who I am (possibly through an on-going blog), and what I have done/accomplished.

So, maybe the best solution is to use the flash program (without making it “flashy”) and provide a link to my wordpress blog?


If you’re portfolio is mainly ID, I don’t see it as cheating using a nice clean template, after all, you’re a product designer, not a Flash designer.

I have been researching this same thing - I have a flash, template based free portfolio on Finalcrit, but have wanted something new for a while, something HTML based, more reliable and flexible.
I have settled on http://www.indexhibit.org/ - which is pretty much as basic as a website can get - looks absolutely fine and ensures all the focus is on the content.
Hope it helps.


@ mike
Good point. I’m just not sure if a blog format is the best way to display my work…and to organize my work.

Thanks! I will have to take a look at both of those.

Wordpress is TOTALLY customizable.

Flash stinks.

Option 3: learn HTML. It’s really not that hard.

Wordpress + themefores.net = Plug & Play

Wordpress + Graph Paper Press = worked for me. There isn’t endless customizing, but there isn’t endless time either. If you want to customize stuff, you can hire a .css contractor for a few hours and they can bang it out just how you like it.

@ tarng
Yeah, I agree. I have decided not to use flash. I am going with wordpress.

@kershaw + slippy
Awesome! I will definitely take a look at those. That sounds like my best bet.

Appreciate all the advice!

Showing a portfolio website for your work done and experience is good. but always try to show up best one and write brief steps you have done and try to show up your expertise in the area you have done work. Thanks

I’m always an advocate for learning html and css yourself, but if you’re on a time crunch and just want a nice way to display your work I’d suggest Cargo Collective: http://cargocollective.com/ It’s has a similar format to Indexhibit but I find the general layouts much less restrictive and harder to tell that it came from a generic template.

Cargo collective is great. You can get the upgrade and edit the html and css almost endlessly with custom url. Still need to know some front end stuff, but definitely worth the time.

Cargo Collective is pretty easy indeed. It provides me with enough customization. Pretty easy interface and easy to post new projects. It’s invite only but if you (or anyone) wishes to have one, just PM me.

Good luck.