Finding the right masters program....


I am recent id grad and after some experience in the workplace, i find myself wanting to focus on industrial design that deals with the more architectural side of things. when i say that, i mean things like furniture (especially), spatial and public design. i find i gravitate heavily towards these things.

i have been researching into masters programs that relate to these areas. Only one I have found so far that interests me is the Spatial/Furniture Design MA offered at Helsinki School of Art. Has anyone taken this program and can give me more insight??

Also, I am wondering if anyone else out there knows of other Masters programs like this one???

As well, I am generally wondering if it is really worth it to go back for a masters in design? I mean will give you a better chance of getting a job, or is it meant for people who want to end up in a more academic role?

How about Environmental Design at Art Center? Furniture, interiors…

i checked out the art centre. but it looks like the environmental design program is only offered at an undergraduate level. i am looking for a masters level program.

U of Calgary has a Environmnetal Design program. Looks sorta interesting but it doesnt seem to deal with furniture, which is something i am looking for.