Direct injection molding, adhesion of PU to PVC?

This is for a footwear project. We are dirct injecting PU soles to a PVC covered textile upper. We have previously had a film of PU on top of the PVC textile , but are experiencing some problems with delamination and would like to forego the PU film.

Are there any major problems with the bonding between injected PU and PVC that you know of? I think I have heard that it can be problamatic and would just like to get a heads up before I have the supplier make up more sample materials.

I have no direct experience with your problem. But all of the molders I have worked with typically throw a red flag if I suggest molding different resins to each other and wanting them to stick if there is no mechanical connection. I would ask a few molders their opinion of your idea.

That is my experience as well, was just hoping some one would tell me otherwise. Managed to do a quick test with PVC and the results were not too good. Looks like we will have to rework the textile material to being only PU. Will double the price of the material, but doesn’t look like I have much choice.