Clear stitchable plastic help?

HI everyone,

I have come across a material that I am having trouble identifying, and was hoping for some help. Attached is a picture of a sample from a womans bag. As you can see its a frosted, translucent, stitchable plastic, that has a really great feel to it. My boss seams to think its some sort of Vinyl but it almost feels like Silicone (although i doubt it is) I have been getting some conflicting information. Anyways you seam to find this tyype of material on shoes and bags and any help identifying or steering me towards a resource/ vendor would be great.

Appreciate the help!



PVC seems to be the obvious choice. Cheap like dirt so it is ubiquitous, but unfortunately it is horrid for the environment. You certainly could spec a silicone but it would be very pricey.

Most certainly TPU.


What’s the price point on TPU versus PVC? Also, even though the OP’s example is stiched, is it easy to thermally bond TPU? Bonding PVC cannot be done with something simple like a Vertrod.

I’m not sure the exact price point difference, but yes, TPU is more expensive. Maybe double? Just guessing. You can HF weld TPU for sure.



Thank you both. I will look more into TPU (definetly not using PVC), any ideas where I could get sheet/ roll stock?



nope, sorry.


Good information to know. Thanks.