EVA or polyurethane sole information

I’m looking for information (video, design guide, etc.) for soles made out of EVA or polyurethane. I’m having more trouble than I thought I would finding this information, so if anyone has any experience or can point me in a direction it would be much appreciated.

Exactly what do you want to know. I think I have some pics of the process over at my blog, first pullover www.firstpullover.com


Just skimming a few of your pages, it looks like it will be pretty helpful. Thanks.

Ideally I would also be able to find design guide information (required rounds on edges, undercuts, rib thickness ratios, etc.), and/or a video of the process.

Don’t think I have any design guide but may have vids someplace. Will take a look. You doing compression molded or injection Eva? What’s the application?


It’s something similar to a sole, with the potential to be either compression molded or injection EVA

Best to speak to your supplier. OR send them what you have in mind and they’l let you know if it’s OK.