Can I borrow your eyeballs for just a minute???

Fellow Core77ers,

The purpose of this message is simple. I am interested in getting feedback on my portfolio, which can be seen here:

Your time and honest assessment will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

You sure can!
Thoughts on the splash screen:

Take out the word “above” before the commentary on the solidworks renders, the ‘Rapid prototyping’ and ‘Craftsmanship’ commentaries don’t need the word above before them to know which photo they’re talking about and it’s distracting.

What is the goal of displaying those items/categories on the splash screen? I kind of get to the bottom of the page and think so what? Are these your skills you’re showing off? Are they things you’ve done in the past? Are they things your dog has done? Silly example, but think about the story you’re trying to tell, for me I don’t fully understand the purpose of it. I can guess, but your job is to present yourself in the best way possible, so make it clear to the reader why these things are on there. If they’re your skills then indicating that somehow would be good. And looking at it again I see that these are things that were part of the project of the custom door hardware (I think). So maybe also a nice title at the top stating “Luxury Door Hardware, 2011” for example. I need to know why this is there and what it relates to and why I should care about it.

I like the clean layout, very easy to see info and not distracting at all, nice!

Sketches Page:

They’re nice, but make them bigger. They get eaten up by the amount of white space on the page and my eye drifts to that rather than taking in your sketching skills.

Sustainability Page:

Make sure those top two images are aligned, right one seems to skip down a few pixels farther than the left and is distracting. And maybe it’s just my personal opinion but see if you can get rid of the “above: right:” stuff, it’s more difficult to take in and makes me less likely to read it if I have to match the photo to the caption.

I just quickly scanned your site, and those are the things that jumped out at me, but I’m still learning too so don’t take it as expert advice, it’s just my thoughts. And overall, nice work, just work on presentation and telling the story of your projects a little more (Maybe add some process work, I want to to know how you got to a solution- rough sketches, mock-ups, what worked and didn’t) so just keep working on it and it’ll be looking great!