time for feedback

Hello everyone. I wanted to get some feedback on my corefolio and see what parts are working, what needs work, and what I need to throw in the trash. Process, sketching, layout…anything and everything, dont hold back.

If something works, but you want to see more, let me know. If something MIGHT work, but isnt working now, let me know too. Im not entry level, but i wouldnt consider myself a seasoned pro either.

I dont want my corefolio to be a full-on folio, more like enough of a teaser to get someone interested and have them contact me for more. (is that a good thing?)


the corefolio

Wow. Now I think this is what I’ve been looking for in terms of understanding what Process is in a portfolio.
I particularly like the Form Studies and More Sketching ones, but I’m more interested in your Ambulance one because it’s really detailed. And I like the construction from start to finish. It would cool if this was installed in ambulances too.

yeah the ambulance project is by far one of my favorites… it was incredibly meaty and makes you feel great by actually saving lives (if it was implemented and it worked…of course :slight_smile:)
Thanks for the feedback. i thought id show a bit of everything to balance it out.

anyone else?

your watches are sweet man :open_mouth:

nice stuff can’t really knock it…well you got a bit of empty space on a few boards and the sketches are quite small. Your electric scrubber looks a bit weak compared to the rest of your work.

I see where you are coming from. Would a larger image with more sketches be better? or only a few sketches but much bigger in size so you can see details and whatnot?

I hear you on the scrubber. The reasoning behind it was to show some 3D form development process which isnt as evident on the other projects (since it is mostly developed on sketches instead of models). But if it is bringing the rest of the work down I can easily scrap it.

Thanks man!

better or worse its a bit subjective, just a thing I noticed…so maybe scale up your images a bit, doesn’t really matter as long as your communicate your skill set.

bump. (need a new job so gotta make it sweet :stuck_out_tongue:)

last bump. for some reason im feeling frustrated at the lack of callbacks.

This is what i’d suggest. looks like you have some nice stuff, but the sketches are so small, it’s hard to see.

same also goes for all your pages - the compilation of pages/photos in one image is nice, but there are too many. put half as many things on one page, and make twice as many pages and it will present better.

other than that, some nice work!