Boston Area Wood Coops

Does anyone know of a resource to find woodworking coops in the Boston, New England area? I am looking to rent space so I can have a hobby on the side.

I tried to look for something similar in the archives but couldn’t find any.


Hi Traftos,

Take a look at Artisan’s Asylum - in Somerville.

Largest Hacker Space on the East coast, maybe the US.
My understanding is that all the spaces are rented but could be wrong.
There are a handful of woodworkers there.

All sorts of wood/metal/other equipment, folks, classes and craziness.

I keep hearing about a wood coop near Tufts University but have never found it.


There’s been a bunch of cabinetmaker/woodworker/stairbuilder types on Joy Street in Somerville in the gigantic building on the left (only one way in to this street) for years. At times, I’ve heard that some of them will sublet their space to trusted people on a very limited basis. Never needed to do it, but know some folks who had a shop there for years and they always had one or two sublettors in there. Worth a try, perhaps.

Thanks for the info!