Where, oh where, did the local manufacturing go?

Been trying to find a US manufacturer for CNC-routed wooden children’s toys and furniture for the past year with no luck. Tons of cabinet businesses desperate for work, and on the verge of closing, but no one able to manufacture and package a finished product. Got amazing support to launch this business and its crazy that we can’t find anyone around to make it! Anyone got any ideas? :confused:

Call Charlie White at Denver Woodworking:

Nice resource Scott. Thanks for posting.

Sign makers use CNC routers. Maybe one could help out.

I could hook you up with a manufacturer in Germany, if that is of any use for your project.
Just shoot me a P.M.


CustomMade has recently come to my attention. Their mission is to establish and promote craftsmen and small manufacturers, in various trades, throughout the United States and Canada.

Searches can be made by trade (i.e. woodworker, automotive, steel fabricator, etc), material, etc.

A location search might be the best place to start.

Disclaimer: I have no professional affiliation with CustomMade.

If you can’t find one someone can vouch for, here’s the ‘phone-book’ answer

I would not use any of these without visiting their site in person.

ya, most sign makers (usually do plastic signs) will have a full sized CNC or two, should be a bunch hanging around major towns if you want it locally