New to core 77 furniture world

Hey My name is Matthew and i recently started a company but have yet to get involved in any strong communities. I have a provisional patent on my first design and a fully business plan. Any tips for a new start up are always welcome. Btw i do have a facebook, Functional Furniture Creations, LLC. i have my design up on there. Would appreciate any feedback.

Nice design start.
I would do your next sample models out of maple or cherry…plenty of those in PA… pine is not a big seller anywhere but the rustic cottage market.

The dorm market won’t be active till August, so try to appeal to those who have moved up in the financial food chain. I’m also not sure that the dorm market gives a rat’s ass about quality made furniture. But do get an Etsy page.

You might do a few stools to expand the your offerings, or book shelf units with a French cleat for hanging. Next pictures of your shop should show it neat, tidy and professional.

Good luck.

I am new to furniture designing, and I saw a problem with the way furniture is currently being done so me and my business partner are trying to tackle it, and I believe we have come up with a solution. I do have some pictures of my shop up on my facebook, although I am currently making some storage options for it to give ourself some more space options.

I have posted my patent pending design on facebook and gotten some positive feedback, although the price point is something I am currently working on trying to get down. I figured that if i did pine as a low cost option that would allow me to reach more budgets cause the price for pine isnt that high. I would like to offer higher quality of wood and other products. I have designed 2 other nice products out, but I am trying to keep it simple in the beginning since we are still just a start up. I have spent a lot of our initial investment on getting the shop to where it is and making the first prototype. I have some film major friends out of Penn State coming out this weekend to help me shoot a crowdfunding Video.

I hope to reach my goal that I will set in order to be able to make a few products and offerings, like the maple to show how it looks in those.

Btw thank you for your input and I look forward to more.