Agency/Consultancy folks - who does your sales?

Kind of curious what other companies do. At my company all of our senior staff does their own sales. Definitely a learning curve for those of us who haven’t done it before. It seems like most other agencies I hear about have dedicated business development folks.

How does your company get sales?

Depends on the audience. Also, this is for small to medium firms (10-40). Can’t say about the large 50+ places, I assume they would have separate account management and creative departments without much mix.

Cold calling, trade show (which is just a variation of the cold call) - we have a salesperson.
Initial pitch - salesperson + director/partner + maybe senior manager
Additional projects after the initial close - senior manager
New departments within old client - salesperson + the senior manager who handles existing account + maybe another senior manager (only if new capabilities are needs, old projects were ID, new project is UX)

Least, that’s how I rolled.

That is similar to my experience as well. There was always a creative director on the pitch. The Sales/Biz Dev person would do the qualifying up front. All the initial contact, research the people, the company, gather the requirements. Then usually a few designers and a creative director would sit down to develop a POV and a pitch deck and do an in person pitch with he BD person there. Creative Director along with a program manager would write the proposal and draw up the estimates and SOW.

Interesting. seems like having a couple different configurations for different situations makes sense. And having someone generating leads to pass along. I’m still trying to get over feeling bad about being annoying on cold calls. (and even lukewarm calls. ha)