"cold pitch"


recently had a discussion about what i would describe as a “cold pitch” (inspired by the topic cold call). its about introducing a design concept to a manufacturer without request…

i imagine this as really tough in several ways and maybe even a bit dangerous in terms of “theft”. another question: how worked out should the concept be when shown to the company?

so… is anybody around here who has done something like that or something to say?

please share a bit of your knowledge and wisdom :wink:

Why not show to a big retailer, and get buy-in? That way you have a solid number to aim for etc: Get patents first before shwing. You have to assume the people you are working with are unethical (even if they are not)

Yes, I did this a few times. I have had things stolen. I tend to have the philosophy that good ideas are a dime a dozen. But I wouldn’t do this with ideas that would cure cancer, end hunger, or bring world peace. If you really charish the idea get it patented. If you just want work from the company, use it as a way in. Also don’t forget venture capital. This is a great way to start a company if your idea is that valuable.