How to approach this...

Great client for the past three years called this morning. Their corporate parent is shutting down their facility and letting go of most of the team. This group is one of the sanest, most professional, quality focused, amiable groups I have ever worked with. I want to keep these people as clients, but also want to genuinely be helpful to them. How would you approach this situation?

I’m sorry to hear that your business partners are loosing their jobs. Of course you want to be helpful in case the parent company needs to you maintain/update any legacy projects/data that you worked on. It’s times like this that consultants can be really valuable when there are staff changes.

But I would also look at this as an opportunity to expand your reach into other companies. All of those folks that you developed relationships will go to other companies to find jobs (hopefully) and when they’re asked to recommend a good design consultant, they will think of you.

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Thanks Warren. It sucks because I really liked many of them as humans, too. And because their division has nothing to do with the divisions that precipitated the problems that resulted in the facility shutdown. I hope they go on to find other positions - they’ve always been very happy with the work my team has provided - hopefully that will turn into recommendations wherever they end up. We are still working with the parent company on another related program that wasn’t affected.

Why don’t you write them recommendations on Linked in?

layoffs suck, sorry your friends were let go

Good call Travisimo. I think I would appreciate that if I was laid off. Your confidence gets a kick in the crotch when you find yourself jobless.

Linkedin is a good idea. I was tossing that around, but I’ll do that.

Is there anyone you could connect them too in getting work or spawning a new business relationship? Have these clients not just been great clients, but also great collaborators? Could their misfortunate be an opportunity for them and you to get different kind of projects going, then you otherwise would have? Do the entrepreneur thing? I know that is a risky option- but just thinking. . .

I like the idea of you recommending them on linkedin. As well you will most likely then get one back.