well designed glass bottles?

Hi guys,

I’m designing some labels for a project and I’m looking for a few hundred well designed stock glass bottles that look similar to the attached photo. Every site I’ve come across only has standard, ugly shapes. Any ideas about where to look?

cheers, Mason

snapple bottles look conveniently similar. not sure what you mean about visiting websites shopping for bottles, but then again i’ve never searched for a glass bottle resource?

Yeah a snapple bottle would work great if the logo wasnt written in the glass. There are lots of sites like this that sell generic glass bottles

I don’t really understand what you mean by all the other bottles you have found have “Ugly Shapes”. Every piece of packaging is design to fit a certain need. With out knowing who your consumer is and what the product is that you are putting in the bottle we really can’t tell you were to go to find it or give you suggestions on what to look at. You have to not think of the bottle as a dust cover of a vessel to hold a drink but as a communication tool that is just as if not more important than the graphics. Structural packaging should be designed with all of this in mind. You may be able to find this in a stock bottle you may have to design it yourself.

I would suggest doing some consumer and marketing research before picking a bottle. Take a look at what is out there on the shelves and while doing this you can also look at different graphic treatments and what the trends are.

Hope this helps

Here are some stock glass bottle site I found with a quick google.


PackageID, great advice about using the bottle as a communication tool. “Every piece of packaging is design to fit a certain need.” I agree and those websites all carry the same types of stock bottles which makes is hard to differentiate one product from another. For example each of the sites has the same “Boston Round” bottles. I guess there must be high demand for these specific shapes which is why I cant find any “Snapple” bottles.

I think this is one of the best examples of designing a bottle to express its contents I have seen:

Even the tooling is amazing:

Contrast with this attempt for Evian which tries for the same idea, but really misses the mark:

Crap picture, but it was the best I could find…

Like I mentioned earlier it really depends on you consumer and what the product is that goes in the bottle. Again I would suggest doing consumer research before even picking a bottle. And don’t be afraid to design it your self.

ever wondered why u cant find a stock snapple bottle?

BC its a privately sold bottle, i guarantee you will not find a supplier ANYWHERE for a snapple bottle… snapple owns this and you cannot buy it. your best luck is to try for a stock selection as someone had mentioned earlier.

also, it is wise to think that you will need to buy at a minimum order of glass bottles but good luck!