Logo for Glass Bottle Design Project......Feedback Please!

I’m currently in the packaging program at Michigan State University. I’m working on my first logo and glass bottle design and was looking for some feedback from some folks. I want to keep it simple with some class.

I’m new to the whole design aspect of the packaging but so far it seems like a lot of fun. If there are basic rules of design that I am missing or any tips you have just throw out some suggestions. Thanks

looks OK. more info about the project/product would help. is this for water? beer? vodka? wine? where is it sold? what is the price? what is the position of the company?..


You need to post a lot of background information before you ask people for comments. You might have designed according to the brief from the client. But members here need to know what you were asked to do!

More information on this project will definately get you more comments