Personal Flying Suit

I would still rather have a Jet Pack but this is pretty awesome.

Or you could take Yves Rossy’s approach.

Yves Rossy

that guy is the man. I’ve seen the youtube before. never saw the photo before… incredible.

Man, I flew scale model RC aircraft for years, and can remember the knotted-up gut that I always felt before launching a new 500- hour project for the first time.

This ain’t no toy, and I cannot EVEN begin to imagine what Rossy felt the first time he flew this thing.

Don’t know if you read his press release, but he’s planning a flight from Morocco to Spain this summer.

I like the graphics on his “fuselage”.

that is the most awesome death trap ever.

that is the most awesome death trap ever.

Yeah, but can you imagine the rush when your feet touch ground again? I feel it sometimes when we go sailing out in the big stuff; fifteen foot swells, 30+ knot wind speed, but this must be, easily, a magnitude, or more, greater than that. We’re wimps in comparison, we can always call the Coasties to come get us…