Ironman flight

Full on Ironman flight dynamics.

sweet… does it come with the soundtrack?

Odd, I have watched the video four or five times and never once registered the audio.

Got your meaning now, Waterproof headphones, can play the full ACDC anthology while flying the crazy French invention.

He says there will be multiple versions. The basic ones hook onto a jetski. The top model uses his own design of jet ski that is purpose built, lighter and with a 250hp engine. Wow.

The chick said that it was hard at first, but she really enjoyed it.

Wild idea. I would add a helmet to the gear. Seems like diving into water with 250hp driving you, without a helmet, is probably a bad idea.

how does this guy not drown himself? good lord.
sure is cool tho!

how does this guy not drown himself? good lord.

I suppose if this thing will propel you thirty feet into the air, it will also propel you horizontally underwater, viz. a human torpedo. I’m wondering how he avoids submerged obstacles, like rocks… having watched this, in fascination, several times now I don’t think the guy is even wearing eye protection.

At 5:21 minutes it’s interesting to see him lift the pump-ski out of the water enough to break suction and lose pressure to the nozzles … instant loss of altitude.

Anyone know if this is an earlier prototype of the one in the video? The controls are obviously different, and the jets are mounted at shoulder height; probably feels really good on the back of your calves!

Seems like a softball question, but that picture is me, flying two weeks ago. Not related to the Ironman looking flight device, which is the “under the foot”, under the CG center, unstable version, only good if you have a computerized, mechanized, Stark Industries exoskeleton.

You only feel the water on your calves if you stick your feet way out to the side, and then it is only like fire hydrant pressure, strong but no pain.

Here is another picture from the same day.

Wait, what? That’s you?


Wait, what? That’s you?

Wait … what? That’s you? :open_mouth:

Yes, it is me exercising my inner James Bond.

So, com’on Shaw spill it … is this development work that you’re involved in?

How are the “flight” controls organized? Do the nozzles vector a full 360°, or 270°? Do you vary thrust with throttle, or by restricting flow?

And, finally, do you have a death wish? :wink: just kidding, it looks like tons-o-fun!

You have control of the throttle in your right hand, motorcycle style, the nozzles can be independently vectored in about a 100 degree range, you use maximum 60 degrees of that for flight, turning and forward control. Everything else is done with the center of gravity, very natural and instinctive.

No death wish! Falling into water is about as forgiving as it gets.

Hmmm…soooo awesome! I am imaging this and water polo combined into one sport- potentially a lethal combination.

More lethal than galloping horses and swinging hammers? Cool idea, water-jet-pack-polo :smiley: .

A historical precedent, 1919.
Water Mech Jetpack Polo, 2016

@nxkat hahhaha awesome examples!

Firehose riding updates.

Takes the Flyboard to the next level. Action starts at 1:39, the sign made by the model at 2:39 is classic. Smooth motion.