parametric + surface cad for freelancer

Hi colleagues,
I know this question about what software has been discussed zillion times here but I am still confused about what way I should go.
I am a freelancer who cooperates with clients in different areas from carpenters, furniture makers, mouldings to plastic to sheetmetal. And this is actually the problem.
I already have rhino which I find cool for such a small bussines (I wish I could afford Alias :slight_smile: but for metal parts and assemblies is quiet inconvenient. I used to work in a company where we had Solidworks which is amazing for this type of work but there is a financial problem.
First of all I cannot find any pricing list for license and what is exactly maintanance etc. Niether for solidworks not for ProE, Inventor etc…

Simply I am trying to find an additional parametric modeller good enough to not dramatically make a compromise, being able to open Rhino surfaces (which i gues should be a problem) and also import data to modo for visualization.
I have found cheap Alibre design which I am testing now (they say its 1/10 price of solidworks) but compared to Solidworks it is hard for me to get rid of sw habits and funcionality and interface :slight_smile:

Does anybody have any guess what are differences between solidworks, solidedge, inventor, or creo in terms of functionality and price?
As a freelancer I usually deliver data that client wants to adjust for their produstion. I am not making ribs or making tests or simulations but being able to have some control over parts is appreciated.

Before trying all trial versions and having marketers immediately after download behind my neck I want to narrow down the list if its worth to think like that :slight_smile:

I also found Solidthinking and Think3 sw but they are very criticized around the world and don’t know what exactly they are.

And what is going to be Inventor Fusion???

Thanks a lot for any help