old techiques | new concepts


As green and sustainable design is about preserving and taking what’s ancient and has value to next generations, here’s how we thought doing it.
For the past year we’ve been working in the “old techiques | new concepts” project and we’ll soon present our final products catalog.
To be updated about that you can all subscribe the mailing list at http://www.vtnc.net or as soon as we can take a look around the products.
In that website we also talk about the method(s) we developed to work with the artisans… Please take a look and leave your comment, it will be very important.


André Rocha

Year! It is just like fashion. Many old things came into caught again after a long time. So I agree that we can use this concert into art"old things, new concert". We can make it with a little change based on something that had great use long long ago, only plus some. That will be enough.
Now I have done some design that use some old things, and then give them new life. What a good idea!

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