No Pharmaceuticals, Just Some Design Stuff

Here are some posts of mine that might interest some of you:

Back To The Concept Future - old school project compared to new product

Industrial Undo: Design for Recycling - cool developments in products that easily disassemble

Value In The Tail - more discussion about business-related stuff that might help independent designers making niche product

The Phaeno - cool architecture (with sketches!)

The PolyBots Are Back - video and link to old post with more links to videos

Growing Wired - new developments in fabricating electronic components

There’s no feed on my blog anymore (for any of you that used to get it). No ads either, so it should load fast.

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Why no more feed?

A few reasons. One is that feeds will soon be full of ads according to some reports I’ve read. I don’t want my content sandwiched between feed ads in some readers. My site was getting pretty popular. I want to leverage that to promote independents. I don’t want to advertise via feeds. But desperate advertising firms will do anything. Maybe some day after I see how the coming wave of new feed tech pans out I’ll resume it.

Another reason is that feeds are too easy. Some of the most interesting stuff I learn comes from things like background images on websites. Those aren’t fed via a reader. Feeds are like watching television. Passive. I want people to be actively looking for information. Not getting it intravenously.

The minute people become passive is the minute big corporations come in and feed you the message they want you to hear. And it won’t be to buy the low-production run product put out by some struggling independent designer.