nutraceutical package design

I have been searching for an industrial/package designer for a nutraceutical pill blister and retail packaging design concept/prototype and I’m not sure where to begin. I find myself spending countless hours surfing thousands portfolio’s from independents and talking with dramatically overpriced design firms. I’m running thin on options, the “Contest” thing is insulting and I’ve already spent several hundred dollars posting confidential design jobs everywhere… Any ideas or better yet interests?

Where are you located?

There’s two ways to approach it:

  1. If your product requires something “clever” or needs to be stylish in any way, go to any medium-sized Design firm in your area. They should be able to handle designing blister packaging.

  2. If it is a straight forward blister pack that is custom or semi-custom but is needed for nothing more than enclosing a product, find a local patternmaker. An example of the kind of company I am talking about that is located in Vancouver, where I am, is:

I am also guessing that you’re definition of "dramtically overpriced"might need a re-programming. Depending on the complexity of your design, I would guess that you’re looking at a minimum of 30 - 40 hours of work. Multiply that by what you think is a fair price and that will get you a starting point.

There’s always also.

Thank you for the fast reply… I’m just outside of Chicago, IL.

  1. I would definitely say this project will require some clever thinking and a significant attention to aesthetics (it’s gotta be sexy), without sacrificing the logical appeal. My concept, as crazy as it is, will require mixed disciplines and from my limited experience, these medium firms lack the design portfolio’s to make me feel comfortable about this large of an investment.

  2. Without making it sound too complicated, I’m developing a pill dispenser for an herbal supplement that has a tremendous shelf appeal by incorporating a hint of LED lighting in the package design. There are some minimal guidelines that have to be met and I have a ton of conceptual/inspirational package design images. The name of the product is really catchy too…

You are 100% right about my definition of “overpriced”, I guess I just don’t have a concept of what resources are required to do this the right way. I was thinking more like 60 hours. Having no clue at what rate, I budgeted in the $160 range… Some of quotes were well into the 6 figure range and just didn’t seem to have portfolio’s that you would see on I think most of the companies were under the impression that I have pharmaceutical pockets…

Is One Oak Design one of your companies?

Here are some of my inspirational pics

here are some more …


a couple more…


Ya, you’ve changed the scope of what I had in my head. I was imagining simple blister pack, not full packaging development.

Six figures does sound steep.

40 hours was not taking into consideration your need for the aesthetic and full tooling design required for the kind of product examples you have listed above.

You’re $160/hr is a good assessment of the industry’s high-end rates. There is no doubt you could get less than that.

Including the engineering and project management, I would budget something in the range 200 - 250 man hours…maybe more. I can’t say w/o getting a better take on your goals, etc.

Feel free to PM or email me and I can give you more thoughts. I grew up in Chicago, so I have a soft spot for helping old neighbors :wink: