New insurance program through IDSA

Since only IDSA members know about this at the moment, I thought I would share one of those “What is IDSA doing for me” programs:

Access to health insurance: Through a partnership with Fractured
Atlas, a non-profit organization serving a national community of artists and arts organizations, IDSA members in 29 states (for now-that number is scheduled to increase over the next several months) can now obtain the health insurance coverage that may have proved elusive or difficult to find until now. (Members in all states can access the Arts Wellness Network, a network of 500,000+ health care providers with a focus on preventive care and alternative medicine, who make their services available to the arts community at discounted rates regardless of insurance coverage.) IDSA members can become associate members of Fractured Atlas for free, and have access to health insurance, liability insurance, press and publicity services, and other benefits. To enroll as a Fractured Atlas member, visit

Through a partnership with the Freelancers Union, IDSA members who are independent workers (individuals who work as freelancers, independent contractors or consultants, or who are self-employed, employed part-time, temporary workers, or work for multiple companies at the same
time) have access to group-rate health, dental, life and disability insurance. (Health insurance is currently available to members in 30
states.) Membership in the Freelancers Union is free to eligible IDSA members, and they also will waive the insurance application fee for IDSA members. Visit to join today.

Just thought I would share.

Great news. The design association in Quebec has had something similar for a year or two now.

This is great to know.Thanks a lot!

This is great. Thanks for the info.

So is this a real group plan? I went through that freelancersunion link, and it seemed to direct me to UHC’s normal individual rate plan. Which is an OK plan, but being an individual policy they can (and will) reject you for pre-existing conditions, which pretty much includes everything up to having had a cold in the last 6 months. I’d join the Teamsters if it got me access to proper group plan health insurance.

We’ve got a trillion bucks to spend on trying to find Osama in Iraq, and a trillion to spend bailing out i-bankers and mortgage companies, but god forbid our government spends one cent to improve access to health care. That would be socialist, like Canada.