Plastic, Rubber or Urethane.

I have a part that needs to be manufactured in some kind of plastic/rubber. We have in the past made a similar part out of polyurethane but the end result is a little industrial. They are hand poured into an aluminum mould. I have investigated the possibility of injection moulded plastic but the info that was given to me was that the part was to thick 10mm in places.
Q. What alternative processes are there. The part needs to be about 75A hardness but this isn’t critical.

I have a cad file of this part if anyone’s interested in having a look.


100mm shouldn’t be too think for compression molding and elastomer like silicone. It really depends on what you need out of the part - silicone can be a bit notch sensitive so the part needs to be designed correctly. Compression molding can be a bit labor intensive compared to injection processes, but for thicker flexible parts it’s a good process to consider. 75 shore A shouldn’t be a problem…