Just wondering...

Who will post “work in progress” other than school projects? I understand that any sketch you show prior to the patent disclosure can result in your hard earned patent void… right?

don’t have to show patentable stuff.

altho i would have shown patentable stuff here before. some ideas are good but not worth pursuing. could have been fun. but not now. not with this crowd. tbh i’d probably post over on PDF.

btw, one solution to this section is make it registered-only. not just posting, but viewing. been awhile since i used php but think that can be done. maybe not for topic areas. but for whole sections.

[edit - that was easy. think i found the code mod: phpBB • Login ]

[edit 2 - got to reading that thread. excellent stuff. well worth reading through. didnt even finish it.]

Well, if there’s nothing patentable, then there really won’t be anything exciting to see.

guess that explains all the chairs…

Exciting ideas, or innovation isn’t always patentable. I had some great ideas, that would be manufacturable and marketable while touring some appliance stores this week. They are not patentable though. Maybe you will see them on the work in progress forum in a few weeks.