Work-in-Progress Forum

sometimes we design for fun. would be nice to have forum for showing work in progress. doing it in other forums gets lost. and seeing design is more fun than just talking about it. even architecture forums have it like CGArchitect. might improve community to show some work.

This is something I think would be a valuable edition to the forums. I tried posting something to get some feedback and encourage others…seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I hope to have time to do it again soon. Perhaps something more organized could be developed though? For example, I recall hearing of Bob Dylan and someone else writing a song by typing one line out on a typewriter everytime they passed by. So Dylan would write a line, this other person would, then Dylan would and so on. Perhaps we could organize a group project like that through the message board, everyone adding, tweaking or going off in another direction.

exquisite corpse design?

just want a place to visit to look at some crazy offwall work in progress. esp when half my brain is asleep. WIP forums on cg sites clogged with design copies.

Depends on what kind of design. Most “product-related” designs gets a bit sensitive, cus you don’t want others to use your ideas( even if they sound crazy) without authorization. I guess that’s also why this forum site isn’t all that friendly to begin with.

If I were to design some out-of-the-world stuffs, will be an excellent place.