Hardware/software setup for a small studio

Let’s do some daydreaming exercise. Picture a start up, a small studio which has set its goal to design and market a wide range of lifestyle products - from cutlery to bags, from toys to office stationery, you name it (no furniture though). Let’s say you have an unlimited budget* and yet you are act responsibly so that you actually buy the hardware and software you really need for everyday designing, prototyping and proofing the concepts. You also need not only to proof the concepts but supply your manufacturer with files, schemes and dummies, so that production is faster and holds up to the high quality you strive to achieve. You would also use those tools to setup quick trade catalogues and (why not?) do some quality rendering instead of photography…

What would that hardware/software list look like? Include anything.

  • If it is hard for you to have an open end and act responsibly, set you budget to, say, 30K. Too little? Let it be 50K.