how much do you spend on IT

How much do you spend on software, technical support and hardware ?

as much as I can afford…thats a bit of an open question, have you got any specifics on what your trying to achieve

I probably spent around $3000/yr on hardware/software as a student. (

Luckily tech support is free when you’re a nerd.

Mainly, I want to focus on using IT to do 3D models.
I am looking at 3D printers, and CNC machines that I could do at home. (yes at home !)

that is A LOT !

I thought as students your cost should be much lower than that ?

A 3D printer/CNC machine is not something you’re going to get at home. You’ve been fooled if someone let you think that was cheap or affordable and that the machines were foolproof. (Even in many professional companies CNC/Rapid Prototype machines are broken half the time).

$3000 a year is expensive…I was definately the largest computer nerd in the entire design school. Most students in the design program spent $1500 on a laptop as a freshmen, it lasts them all 4 years of school, they don’t buy software, and they don’t use any accessories (and if they do it’s a $150 tablet).

On the other hand you have me, and I’m a believer that when you spend 8+ hrs a day doing computer work you should have the best tools…dual 24" LCD screens, a fast computer so you don’t have to wait 9 hours for a render, a tablet PC, widescreen Wacom tablet, large format printer, tutorial DVD’s, etc.

I certainly didn’t need any of that stuff, but it’s amazing how much you can increase productivity just by adding a second monitor.

I should also add that $3000 doesn’t include the old hardware that I sold…I may have spent $1500 on a new laptop, but I was still able to sell my old one for $750…it would take a lot of math to calculate exactly how much comes out of my pocket each year since it fluxuated so much.

go get a roland CNC machine there fun and soo soo easy to run, even plugs in your your usb port.

I spent about $3000 in hardware/software in the past few weeks trying to get everything for college. :open_mouth: Most of it was an initial expense and I except not to pay this much on hardware for a couple of years. The bulk of it was a laptop so that that into account.

2300 on a Macbook Pro with AppleCare (Warranty)
350 On Software -Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Windows XP, Office
70 on Wireless Mouse and External Keyboard
100 on External HD and Flash Drives
120 on a Printer

Now I’m just waiting for Black Friday to get me an external monitor and other stuff at good deals.

ok then $3000 is not that expensive to a working adult. I think the price you are paying for is reasonable. But I do think students should get a good discount on th Mac Book Pro though.

I am more or less fix on what to get. this year, and the bill is going to look damn ugly…

thanks for the link!

I will go and have a look.

only a very simple one. I am not looking into anything sophisticated. I have many ideas to work on with and just want a form done up fast and clean. For a student $3000 is not cheap. The laptop is actually not expensive but the software that comes later is.