Freelancing and taxes??


I just started to work for a design firm, but only part-time (temporary). I am a little confused. Is that the same as freelance, as far as taxes go? I don’t think of myself as a freelancer. :confused:
Anyway, they write me a check, and that’s it. I am not employed or anything.
So how does that go with taxes… How do you guys do it?
Sorry I’m ignorant, but I never had to deal with taxes before; I wasnt living here in the US. And I read somewhere that freelance taxes are different - 4 times a year or something??!!! So I want to make sure. :wink:


ummm I think taxes are every year…and if youre just getting a check in your name…then you should fill out a W-9 for independent contractor type stuff which is what it sounds like for you