Freelance Industrial designer?

Hey everyone!
I’m still a student, but I’m wondering: Is it possible or maybe even common to be a freelance industrial designer? I’ve heard of many freelancers who do grafic design or web design. Thank you for your answers!


Yes it is possible. But because some areas of ID tend to be much more of a team sport (it’s easy for an individual to design a website or print ad) sometimes finding work for a one off freelancer is more challenging. Especially if you haven’t already setup a network of connections to draw work from.

Many designers will do freelance projects on the side while maintaining a full time corporate or consulting gig.

Definitely possible and somewhat common where I’m at, I know a few in the area and I know there are some large companies who rely on them. I will say though, I have seen a few people trying to freelance in school/right after school and haven’t done too well and got discouraged and moved onto different career paths. I would recommend getting a good amount of experience because your clients will expect you to be an expert.