Post grad advice.

I recently graduated with a Industrial Design degree. In school I decided to play it multidisciplinary with flash/web and graphic design courses because I enjoyed all 3 at the time. I have had some good freelance graphic and web work. Now that I have seen that side of design I realized that my heart is most in ID and the potential of what ID can be. But I currently find myself playing catch up. Also I enjoy graphic art and illustration to much to let it go. I have had a couple of ID position interviews and they went fairly well (though still have the day job). Currently I have no “real-world” ID experience just school and self created projects…So

How valuable is interning? If you cant afford it is cool to just invent projects and do all the ID process (research, sketch, mock-up, 3D render) yourself to stock up your portfolio?

Are there any Industrial Designers out there that successfully balance graphic design (or other forms of design) and ID?

-Or is it spreading to thin. I realize to make a difference and be a successful Industrial Designer requires a full time commitment and passion.

Lastly does anyone have any good advice on what steps to take outside of Uni to getting solid experience and portfolio work? And at what point did you know you ready to fully take charge in knocking on in-house or ID firms doors.

Sorry so long winded, but for anyone who’s been there any advice would help.
Once again I love ID and highly respect many conversations that have gone down on this board.


  1. Interning is very important. You get both real world experience and you may get an offer from it.

  2. A lot of smaller firms (especially consulting) let industrial designers wear many hats, including graphic design. The bigger the firm, the more speciallized its employees are, and the less diversification they have.

  3. After college, keep sketching and rendering and stuffing your portfolio. If you have a temporary job, thats good, because you can use the money from that to finance making your porfolio better and better.