Design Statement/Questions

Hello, in one of my design classes we are trying to create a design statement for ourselves as well as seeing what other people think of design. Basically trying to get an overall feeling of what peoples idea of design is.

… So if your up too it, answering one or a couple questions would be some great help. Also maybe tell me if your a student, employed, or exaclty what you do would be awesome. Thanks

  • How do you define “design”?

  • What is your design philosophy? -or- What is the design philosophy behind your work?

  • Where do you start with the design?

  • What type of information do you usually gather from the client before starting a project?

  • What topics play an important part in your design practice?

  • Is there any artists, designers or architects from the past that have
    influenced you or that you particularly appreciate the work of?

  • Do you have any advice for the young?

  • What will “design” be in the future?

  • I like Oxford’s as much as any other; 1 conceive and produce a design for. 2 plan or intend for a purpose.

  • I am an advocate for the end-user

  • A proposal

  • Strategic plan, marketing plan, product/service offering, existing market assessment, competitive information, collateral materials, product overviews, feature definitions, goal & objectives, time line confirmation, criteria for success, product profiles, market profiles, customer profiles, competitive profiles, identify current equities

  • Efficacy and safety

  • No influencers but I connect to the expressionists and abstract expressionists

  • It is never too early

  • Don’t know, that’s what keeps it interesting

1 do your research
2 get some money up front
3 design so it sells, is profitable to build and market
4 get paid