What's your interpretation of "Design Thinking"?

Hi everybody,

I’m doing a study about the interpretation of “Design Thinking” in design and business world in order to know if we have the same idea about this term.

That’s why I would like your opinion about this question:

  1. What’s your interpretation of “Design Thinking”? Or in other words what’s “Design Thinking” for you?

    And then, could you give me some information about you:

  2. What country do you live in?

  3. What’s your status? (Student, lecturer, teacher, professor, designer junior or senior, manager…)

  4. What’s your job or domain"? (Marketing, finance, management, fashion, graphic, product design, transportation…)

  5. What kind of company do you work for? (Freelance, agency, industry, manufacturer…)

    Thank you for any help you can provide