Call for Furniture Design Entries:

We are a new web-based modern furniture company and we want to produce your designs! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the furniture industry. We are committed to bringing the freshest design talent to market and provide the designers competitive compensation. If chosen, your furniture designs will be part of our first collection set to launch this Spring. This is a one-time open call for submissions.

Our mission is to market designs under our brand while at the same time giving the designers exposure they deserve. We are looking for market-ready (in terms of style, cost of manufacture, materials, etc.) furniture designs to offer through our e-commerce site.

Criteria for Submissions:
*Must have a working prototype (No renderings please!)

*Must be conducive to batch production process (capable of reproducing multiples)

*Must use reasonable working materials

To Submit:

Send your submissions to .

Please either send a link that directly leads to your design online or attach product images no larger than 1 MB in total. Please also send all necessary supportive imagery to demonstrate the ability to manufacture your work.

so what to entrants get? royalties (and how do you account for sales?), cash licensing of designs? Name recognition? IP rights?

all I see is free designs for you and not much in return…

seems pretty one sided. sounds kinda fishy…


Yeah, maybe they haven’t painted a good enough picture. It sounds to me like you are a distributor and that’s about it? Do you have manufacturing? If so what are your capability’s? As you worded it, the designer would be responsible for the production and you are doing distro, on a web site. Couldn’t do that myself on Esty, and make all the profit, since I’d be doing all the work…

and your web site is hosted free on go daddy, wow you are all about doing it quick and cheap. After reading your sentence over on the site, I’d say this is BS. But it has a good idea so maybe they are some student “entrepreneur” or something. Don’t screw over designers

We appreciate the concerns expressed but here’s a few clarifications that will hopefully clear up any misconceptions out there:

  •     We’re an internet-based startup and our website is not yet live; what you’re seeing on the domain is just a placeholder for the site under development and set to launch in Spring 2010
  •     We will work with designers using industry-standard compensation options, including a royalty plan and negotiated IP rights.
  •     Designers receive not only monetary compensation but their own designer page on the site.  We will push internet traffic to each designer’s page and the designer’s story will be an integral part of the story of our site.
  •     We are not a boutique site or an Etsy-style marketplace: we will manufacture the product using the designers’ templates and cover all costs of manufacture beyond the initial designer prototype and handle all aspects of the products’ sales and marketing.
  • Your designs will be processed by professional designers with RISD and SCAD backgrounds, and marketed by expert ecommerce entrepreneurs.

We are committed to bringing the best new designers to market on the largest scale possible while maintaining manufacturing quality. If you have any further questions about our model, or would like to be considered for our initial collection of products, please contact us at

Thanks, when you go into more detail it makes you seem lagit.

Let me ask a loaded question…

How many of you guys have ever made any money on a “royalty-based arrangement”?

Nobody I know.

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