Contemporary Furniture Designers?


I’m not an industrial designer by any means but I am a Graphic designer and photographer. I am hoping somebody refer me to up and coming/experimental furniture designers/artists looking for some self-promotion. What I need as an end result would be something similar to this using the Designers work not Herman Miller. Thanks


Nice site Roger. Looks like you do some decent professional work!

Are you looking for “conceptual” furniture that is mass produced, or some really out there stuff, or perhaps some smaller shops (1 or 2 man type of shops) that produce custom modern work? There is a lot of local stuff going on in the NorthWest.

Also might have better luck posting this in thee Furniture section below, a lot of regulars in there that are passionate about furniture design.

I could be game - what do you have in mind? what do you need, renderings, actual product photos, or…? I’m on the East Coast, so I have my own take on ‘experimental’ furniture. I’d love some promotion for my business/career (who wouldn’t?!). What can I offer in return?

The only thing I would ask for is the ability to use anything showcasing my work on my own website, with credit, link to you, of course. Shoot me a PM or email…

I’m in the furniture industry and have a bunch of contacts. I could possibly help you out too.

Oh yeah, AWESOME site.

I even used one of your wallpapers. Thanks!