Book Recommendations for Product Development Process

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Currently the product development group at my work are going through a “book club” type experience where we’re reading through this book:

which is an updated version of this book that we’ve read before as a group:

My boss has suggested that I pick out a book that might be a little less manufacturing/engineering based, much to my excitement!

At first a couple things came to mind:

Or any of the Don Norman books.

Do you all have any suggestions or advice on books that have impacted your product development process? So far I’m leaning towards the Rodger Martin book The Design of Business, but if design thinking is already dead, should I skip that and move onto something better?

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Another standard and useful textbook on this topic would be:
Product Design And Development, by Ulrich/Eppinger

Not the funnest or most up-to-date read, but a thorough and useful reference nonetheless.

As for the Roger Martin book:
– It is not going to focus on the ‘product development process’, if that is what you are looking for
– ‘Design thinking is already dead’? Umm, like any buzzword, it had its moment in the sun before the backlash. But much of the thinking behind it is still valid, still the same common sense that existed before the buzzword and will exist after. Let’s try to look beyond the hype and seek the substance, regardless of whether the vocabulary is trendy or not.

That book looks great!

I’m definitely looking for something process related, but also that hints to the overall thinking behind the process. I would like to offer a more design focused side of the story to kind of give another perspective as opposed to the more manufacturing/engineering side that the Ward books give.

(as for the design thinking being dead thing, that was more or less sarcasm, I actually tend to enjoy most of the books I’ve read on it)

-The Product Manager’s Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed as a Product Manager
Steven Haines
Im always looking for books like this so thanks this was really helpful of you and your book club.

[quote=“tixe”]Another standard and useful textbook on this topic would be:
Product Design And Development, by Ulrich/Eppinger

I actually just had our library buy 5 copies of this so that i can help some people have a clear picture in the current development gaps for a project. or have them be able to say “oh i have that work let me get the power point”