Best battery technology for wearable electronics

Hey i am working on a smart watch project that requires a rechargeable battery with a very small footprint. Currently i am looking into using lithium polymer batteries but i am unsure as to whether this is the best option.

I need a battery technology that allows the battery to be as thin as possible. Basically the most bang for your buck. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Looked into some awesome technology by LG called cable batteries but sadly thats still a long way off =/

The technology at the moment would either be LiPo or good old Lithium Ion, the real issue is finding a manufacturer that has a cell with a high enough capacity in the form factor you need, the selections are very limited, and most of the people who just started doing smart watches are investing in that tech for themselves since it’s still a very niche market.

It also usually comes down to very aggressive packaging design, every fraction of a mm counts, so getting a battery with the minimal amount of casing and structure is key.

If this is for a production project, you’d have to talk to your battery suppliers and see if they offer anything in that compact of a package, and ask for a road map to understand if and when they might be introducing those products in the future. If it’s for a student/concept project, then just say it’s LiPo and call it a day.


coin cell lithium rechargable batteries are the most space-efficient I have found and they enable totally new shapes of portable electronics as I see it compared to the “foil bag” batteries - which comes with 2-3 mm long ends that is the foil that is folded I guess to protect the load inside.

coin cells are about 30% smaller than their counterpart “bags”. not counting the flaps.

For you in your case of a smart watch I assume you want a thin wide battery. German Varta has 2 new coin cells available at 50 & 100 mah, 12 & 16 mm wide in diameter eespectively, and 5.6 mm tall. Wir geben Ihren Lösungen & Produkten die Energie | VARTA AG

As u can hear On my terminology I’m not a battery commodity guy. I’m a designer in portable electronics and new shapes of batteries defines the ID in my field as I see things, and theVarta is hot new stuff. just rsmping up production now…

hope this helped you.